Today is the start of an exciting new phase for the Roxy in Ulverston.

When our collective of locals decided to come together to try to save and restore the Roxy for future prosperity we could only dream of getting to this phase. Thanks to donations from the local community, general public, private donors and various funding bodies we have not only bought the building but can now start on the necessary repairs and renovations needed.

From today and across the coming months the first phase of our renovation works will begin. Our focus with this phase is the exterior, starting with repairing our fairly damaged roof to ensure the building is water tight and fix some areas where it is currently leaking. Along with this, the exterior walls will also be getting a revamp with a brand new colour scheme and a re-designed building logo.

It’s important to note whilst the scaffolding is up and these changes are under way that the businesses inside the building (the Roxy cinema, Laurel & Hardy Museum and U-Gym) will still be open, so do still come if you are planning a visit in the near future.

Throughout this process we’ll be keeping everyone up to date and informed with lots of new content across our social channels. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned and we look forward to this phase of repairs being the start of a new lease of life for this integral building and local community.